About Us

We are the only unbiased marketplace that helps families find ways to pay for the care they need.

Our mission

We take the stress out of choosing how to pay for senior care.

We’re the free and unbiased service that helps thousands of older Americans and their families choose how to pay for ongoing care needs. Loans are hard to get during retirement. Navigating alternatives can be even harder. 

Wellahead makes it easy by vetting the options for you, with our zero tolerance policy for predatory behavior. So it’s easy to quickly and confidently access the cash you need to fund in-home care or a care-based residence.

Why choose us?

We started Wellahead to…

Help aging Americans and their families understand their options to fund care

Skip the confusion and stress so they can focus on family, not finances

Confidently choose the best solution for  their personalized situation

Guide with compassion, because we understand how complicated and overwhelming this can be

How We’re Different

We’re on your side.
Our team works for your family, not a bank or  lender. 

We’re the experts.
Our deep industry experience ensures we spot predatory practices.

We’re unbiased.
Our concierges aren’t incentivized to suggest one option over another.

We have high standards.
We only work with trusted, vetted financial partners.

Founder’s Story

It started on Christmas Eve.
Our “we need help” moment was when we realized Grandma Herrmann couldn’t make her family-favorite perogies anymore. She was struggling with everyday tasks, from cooking to showering.

Figuring out how to pay for our beloved Grandma’s in-home care wasn’t easy. When my mom looked into a reverse mortgage, I realized the terms of the loan were predatory. Talk about a “hold on there” moment. I’m so grateful that my degree and career in finance helped us know this was not the kind of “help” we needed. Even so, it was complex to know what Grandma qualified for, and what best suited her situation.

It took us months and every minute felt overwhelming. Comparing options. Discussing them with family. Struggling with red tape. There was no one to help us make sense of things. Like realizing too late that Grandma qualified for Veterans Benefits that would have helped pay for care. But everything we know now, we use to help families like yours find their best option to pay for care. 

Jason van den Brand
Co-founder and CEO

Jason van den Brand is a husband, father, and active member of his community.  He has started multiple companies, all of which align with his passion to bring financial literacy to as many Americans as possible, especially those that need it most. He resides in Marin County, CA with his wife, two children, and extended family.

What was your “we need help” moment?

Call us and let us know.

We’re here to listen. Because we’ve done this before for thousands of Americans, and we’re ready to help you, too.

Call us and let us know.

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Co-founder and CEO

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