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We exist to ethically remove financial barriers to care.

What is Wellahead?
Wellahead is an unbiased marketplace that finds and compares options that can help individuals get cash for ongoing care needs. Since loans are typically harder to come by during retirement, we present alternative ways to get funds quickly so that you can get the care you require, whether it's in-home caregivers or moving to a care-based residence.
What makes us different?
We exist to act in your best interest. Since we are not a bank or a lender, we recommend products from multiple financial institutions that we know and trust. We have worked in the industry long enough to see the predatory practices that some bad actors use on older Americans, and we're here to make sure that doesn't happen to you.

An executive team of experts.
Not robots.

Jason van den Brand

Co-founder and CEO

Phil Mark

Director, Channel Partnerships

Christiana Whitcraft

Director, Customer Experience

Marcie Rogo

Marketing Advisor

Joe Buckheit

Partnerships Advisor

Amy Johnson

Senior Writer

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